People make excuses for why they’re going to wait to buy a home and in todays market it’s probably only going to hurt to wait. In this viedo I look at a couple of the top reasons why you should act now to buy your next home:

Spring Market: There might still be snow on the ground but if you found your new home today you would be closing in 30-60 days putting you in the middle of spring.

Interest Rates: Interest rates have been held artificially low for about the last 10 years and now the Federal Reserve has approved 3 rate increases for this year that will be rolled out incrementally throughout the year. The sooner you lock in your rate the lower your monthly payment will be.

Inventory: People are saying there arent a lot of homes for sale but that’s not true. In February 2018 there were over 25,000 new homes available for sale in Hennepin County alone and about triple that amount for the Twin Cities as a whole.

Prices: I keep hearing people say they think prices are too high so they’re going to wait until prices come down to buy. People have been saying this for the last 5 years and prices just continue to go up.

In summary, right now is a great time of year to buy a home, interest rates are low, and tons of new homes are coming onto the market so give me a call or shoot me a text and I’ll be able to keep you in the loop on all the newest listings to hit the market this spring.