New Construction – Why You Should Have a Buyers Agent

Did you know when buying a new construction home you can save money by working with Alex rather than working directly with the builder? When you work directly with a builder that agent also represents the builders best interests and ultimately their bottom line. Builders specialize in the construction of the home while Alex specializes in the selling of homes. Some people don’t realize but you can negotiate the price of a new home and Alex makes sure his clients get the best price possible. Navigating the complexities of a New Construction Purchase Agreement is also much easier when working with an experienced Agent. Home builders recognize the value that an experienced Realtor brings to them which is why they agree to pay agent commissions so you don’t have to. Alex maintains an excellent relationship with many of the Twin Cities most reputable home builders and would be honored to help you in your new construction purchase.

Build Site


A new home development is a larger raw piece of land that a developer has prepared for building. Along with splitting the land into smaller more manageable lots they also bring in infrastructure which can include roads, power, city water, & city sewer.  New homes in developments are appealing because the land has already been transformed and offer a clean slate to build your dream home.


Finding a piece of land to build on is an excellent choice when you want to have more land than in a development. If vacant land in existing neighborhoods become available this is also a great choice. Bringing in utilities will cost a little extra along with any needed landscaping however the costs are manageable.

Tear Down

More often than not the most desirable build site already has a home on it. Floor plans and build styles change and homes get neglected so tearing down an existing home is a great option if you have a specific location in mind. The cost to tear down an existing home varies slightly depending on the size of the home but is manageable and can be done very quickly. 


There’s a wide range of home builders from large nationwide builders that put up thousands of homes each year to smaller builders that only build one home each year. How many homes the builder completes each year is not as important as the quality, design, features, and cost that fits your needs. Below is a list of some of the builders in the Twin Cities with links to their websites. Browse their sites to get a feel for the type of homes they build and make sure to call Alex when you’re ready to take a look in person: